In cooperation with various international partners in ESMOD BERLIN’s extensive network, cluster exchange modules may be held internationally, and have been executed in places such as China, India, as well as here in Germany.

Between four and eight weeks long, a residency at a company, either in Germay or abroad, provides the student with a thorough understanding of the industry. During this time, direct work with a company on the student’s individual project allows for a unique real-world experience. Cooperation with production centres – from industrial to small scale facilities –  facilitates the research and execution of the master projects. Students exhibiting proactivity, engagement, interest and strong motivation are ideal candidates for international exchange projects.


In addition to  technical development and professional access to materials, the students acquire a vast network over the course of the academic year. The individual networks established through communication with material developers, material suppliers, production facilities and other economic partners reflect the fruitful product of the thoery and the practical knowledge gained in the course.